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#69 Road Runner Restoration- Goes to Body Shop

#69 Road Runner Restoration- Goes to Body Shop

Jul 29th 2020

After Road Runner was sand blasted at Strip Tech, it was taken to the body shop on 10/27/2017. This is where the novel begins because it sat at the body shop for "over 3 years" until we ultimately pulled project. We will cover this process good and bad in depth. This blog is meant to be a learning and informational page- not a bashing. Like everything in life, you take the good with the bad and keep marching on. Unfortunately, it sometimes does not turn out according to plan. This Road Runner is one of those times, which we will address in later blogs. 

One thing to remember in a restoration- one thing at a time. Never give up- if you keep making progress, one day the car will get done. This is where most people get in trouble because they want everything at once. It doesn't work like that. Best to concentrate on one part of the car, one body panel, one project, one part- finish that and move on to the next area. All the time planning ahead, looking ahead. However, you must have a master plan with many sub-plans. Restorations must be methodical processes in order to achieve a good end result. A car takes a vision and someone who has the aptitude to make that vision become reality. 

Body shops that are not run like a business get into trouble here. They start a project and then move it to the side to bring another project in- keep money coming in the door. They jump from one project to the next. We get it- every business needs new customers/projects. However, you can't neglect current projects, and the starting and stopping can lead to major problems and oversights which is what happened to our Road Runner project. More on this later. 

Pictures below are from Strip Tech when we picked car up after sand blasting and then took it to the body shop to begin the metal work.