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About Us


Retro-Motive Auto Supply, LLC (RMAS) is a restoration supply company based on the Mississippi gulf coast. RMAS offers muscle car restoration parts and supplies for Ford, GM and Mopar muscle cars (mostly 1950’s to 1980’s and some beyond). Our experience comes from 15+ years in the restoration business restoring Mopar muscle cars, and another 30 years starting at the Big 3 factories in Detroit and moving on to master mechanics in car dealerships and shops.

Basically, we are car guys and gals who live, eat and breathe cars.We love American muscle cars and work to keep them alive with the parts and supplies we sell. RMAS strives to sell quality parts at affordable prices. We not only sell parts, but we also use them on the cars we restore & enjoy. Read our blog to learn more about us and follow our projects.

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